About me

Māris Popēns a.k.a. ClassyLion.

Student in University of Tartu. Master procrastinator.  On my way to becoming a weeb.
A dedicated Linux user that is prone to distro-hopping. One of my many addictions that can’t be helped.
A person who has spent more than 2000 hours in Dota 2 ( Kinda proud of that).

This is my blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
I’m a person who wants to be a blogger for the fun of it. Nothing serious. No strings attached, just for fun.
I might not have the most interesting life, but you don’t need to have an interesting to blog. You can just write about anything, as long as it’s interesting for you, because no one wants to read something you wrote just for the sake of writing. That’s why the posts in this blogs won’t be regular, might not be often, but when they will come to life, there will be something, that might interest someone besides me. Well, at least, I hope so.