Hello, World!

Hello. My name is Māris Popēns, but call me ClassyLion. Nowadays it’s so cliché for everyone to have their own blog, but I’m not doing it because of that. I’m doing this just to know how it is creating a blog and maybe, there are people who are interested in me and my life.

I will try to create new posts as often as possible, but don’t expect them daily or on a weekly/planned basis. Posts will come when posts will come. The only thing that defines how often the posts will come is my life. If there is something post-worthy, I will create a post, otherwise, no post.

Thank you for coming here and reading it.

P.s. It would be really nice if this blog would become one of the pages you would visit everyday. You can subscribe to get notified, when new posts appear (Or even bookmark it.)

Keep calm and stay Classy!

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